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Tuition & Policies

Enrollment Info - FALL 2017-2018

Tuition & PoliciesClass Times/Days
Classes begin on the first SATURDAY after Labor Day each year . Classes conclude mid June. You may drop students off 10 minutes prior to the start of the class, but please not earlier. Please pick up students promptly after class. If you miss a lesson, you are welcome to make it up. Please ask your instructor for your make-up time. Front desk hours are Monday – Thursday, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm.

Parking is available in the parking lot. Please make sure you advise your children to not run in the parking lot and practice safety rules when coming in and out of the studio.

Watch Weeks
Visitors are welcome to observe classes during the Watch Weeks dates: Dates are in  December, and April. No video-taping is permitted.

Registration Fee
$35.00 per student non-refundable. (Fall Session September – June)
$25.00 per student non-refundable. (Summer Session)


Tuition & Discounts

  • The Academy year will consist of (34) thirty-four weekly class sessions from September 2017 – June, 2018.
  • Tuition is paid monthly from September 2017 (paid at registration) - June 2018 based on the average of 3.5 classes per month.
  • Some months have as few as (2) two weeks others have as many as (5) five.
  • You are not paying for scheduled school vacations and holidays. Our calendar is based on the KCK school system, others may vary.
  • Payments are due on the (1st) first of each month, auto billing available. Payments may be made online, at the office, or by mail.
  • We gladly accept the following methods of payment: Cash • Check • Visa • MasterCard • American Express


Excludes K COMPANY, GYM STARZ! and HiFLIGHT programs.


.50 hours of instruction

$40.00 per month

1.5 hours of instruction

$70.00 per month 

.75 hours of instruction

$45.00 per month

1.75-2.0 hours of instruction

$75.00 per month

1.0 hours of instruction

$55.00 per month

2.25-2.5 hours of instruction 

$85.00 per month

1.25 hours of instruction

$65.00 per month

2.75-3.0 hours of instruction

$95.00 per month        

Multiple class rate for students taking recreational classes over 3.0 hours is $125.00.  

This excludes both K COMPANY, GYM STARZ! and HiFLIGHT programs.

Please inquire with the studio office if you have questions!